Who the hill is Grill Bill?

He’s a top shelf food guy who spent 25 years in the restaurant industry before going deep into his real passion – grillin’ for a livin’.
So, what’s the thrill of the grill for Mr. Bill?
It really starts with his long history enjoying many sizzling summers in the Kawarthas. Cottage country is where Grill Bill still logs plenty of weekends tantalizing friends and family with tender cuts of roast beast and a round of good cheer.
Now these glowing memories have warmed into a delicious life philosophy for Grill Bill: the best of times are easy to pull off. Just like good BBQ!
Try adding minimal prep and a hot flame to quality Grilltime ingredients, and you’ll begin to understand where he’s coming from.
For more juicy bits on Grill Bill (and Andy Elder) drop by the store and grab a seat at the grill.

Grilltime Quality Ingredients

The twenty-five years Grill Bill spent in the restaurant business introduced him to the best wholesale suppliers of consistent, high-quality steaks, fish, chicken and other meats.

Now Grilltime offers you these same products at retail.

Take our fresh Alberta beef, which is grass fed, grain finished and free from artificial growth hormones – the very same AAA Canada highest grade beef that you find in many of the best steakhouses in Toronto

There’s also our fresh Ontario chicken that is naturally raised and air chilled. Our fresh fish species are Canadian and sustainable, being either Ocean Wise Approved or Seafood Trust Certified.

Plus, we have a select list of pork, lamb and some frozen foods. Our prepared foods and sides are made here on premise without additives or preservatives.

Take Out or Cook Out

Grilltime offers products two ways:

1) Cooked to order
Savour our professionally prepared take out lunches and dinners. This service extends to group dinners and catering. (Take out Menu)

2) Ready to grill
Throw our tasty products on your own BBQ and enjoy them with some of Grill Bill’s deliciously prepared sides.